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Short History of Street Style Fashion

By on 09/10/2017

History of Street Style Fashion


We have just been through New, London, Milan, and most recently Paris Fashion Week. Those of us who are fashion world watchers, know the fashion weeks are no longer feasts for fashion experts exclusively. They have quite recently become feasts for fashion bloggers and genuine fashion aficionados. Why have the events changed? Today, we are going to look deeper into the worldwide fashion weeks, their history and how they have evaluated.



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A Quick Glance at History of Street Style


12th June 1966: English fashion model and sixties icon Twiggy in the King’s Road, London. (Photo by Stan Meagher/Express/Getty Images)



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It all started in the 50’s and 60’s in London when elegant, we could even say conservative, clothes were replaced by extravagant and eccentric style of the then young and rebelious designers who started to push their new fashion barriers further down the line. Their ideas infected the street style. In fact, they invaded them which made them no longer look the same and dull. These were the days of Twiggy who like Kate Moss today has been a fashion icon.



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Street Style Now




The Contessa di Gucci emerges from her palazzo twice a year, for Milan Fashion Week. #streetstyle

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Although the first edition of London Fashion Week took place in February 1984, street style that we observe today is a fairly new thing. It started in fact no earlier than about 10 years ago. Since then street style has become real art, a street performance, and a stunning show. It is now all about aboundancy, colours, mixing and matching of styles, flaunting the latest fashion designs, taking umpteen photos of show goers (or street models if you prefer) and putting them on Instagram for their short-lived fame. It’s glamorous, it’s their way of expressing selves, it’s their moment to shine for a while.





Catwalks Everywhere


Looking at the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris, during fashion month, we can be sure that catwalks are no longer limited to fashion week inner venues. We can see fashion aficionados (let’s be frank – mostly girls and women) who parade in the streets in front of photographers in the latest fashion designs, model in front of the cameras and then show the photos off on their Instagram or Facebook accounts. The world of fashion shows have long changed and is no longer exluded from the public.







It is in these street models that we can see and appreciate the latest trends and styling. We do not see the Balenciaga shoes on an impaccably beautiful model on a catwalk, but we see them on a common girl, struggling on a cobblestone street, if they are really high silhouettes, but we can at least see them live. She is additionally wearing them with the most recent design of a Louis Vuitton handbag, a Miu Miu dress or an Altuzarra overcoat. We see the fashion outdoors and not in closed shrines, limited to the selected ones.











During the fashion weeks, the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris turn into a festival of colourful extravagant and eccentric showgoers mixed with a crowd of mainly grey-loving pedestrians, running to work. We can see It girls wearing the most eccentric shoes ever on a tube or on a bus rushing to be seen before the real shows start.













But let’s be honest, who of us has not experienced it at least once? If you read it, I bet you understand the phenomenon very well. Won’t we do a lot to look trendy? Won’t we cross a thin line to wear the most uncomfy outfit for the sake of sheer design? Who of us hasn’t ever worn too tight a dress or a skirt, or shoes which have turned out to be the most uncomfortable shoes we have ever had? Or we have travelled on a public transportation system dressed up like a million dollars catching the eyes of surprised co-commuters and begging that the next stop is finally ours. Or we have got almost frozen in a beautiful and trendy see-through dress on a winter evening just to look glamorous. Does it ring a bell? Life for some of us is a catwalk. And fashion designers help us dress up well for the occassion. After all what the fashion would be for if we could not taste it ourselves? In the world where getting dressed means getting seen, we will do everything for the latter.





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