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Find Your Fit – Plus Size Fashion Adele’s Way

By on 07/08/2017

Do you know the following lyrics sung by a British singer Adele?


“Never mind, I’ll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you

Don’t forget me, I beg

I’ll remember you said,

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead”.





If you do, that’s great. If you don’t, please listen to the song because: a) it is beautiful and b) its performer does her shopping in one of the most intriguing city which offers a truly wide range of clothes for everyone, including plus size fashion customers, just as Adele.


Adele is perhaps one of the most famous contemporary British singers. I am writing ‚is‘ although she has recently decided to quit her career and concentrate on her family. As she has written in a letter to her fans she is not sure if traveling and giving concerts is her forte. And many of you are curious – what size is Adele? Well, Adele size in 2017 is: 1,75m and ~82kg! But her size doesn’t matter – she is always beautiful.


Hard to believe if you have ever attended one of Adel‘s energetic performances. She has got the charisma, the music magnetism which gives her so many fans.



Adele plus size fashion icon


But today, we would not like to concentrate on Adele‘s music. Let’s leave it to those who know all about it. Instead, we would like to focus on Adele‘s fashion style and on plus size fashion in general. Let’s face it – in the world of skinny, emaciated pop singers – dancing and bouncing on the scene in skin-like clothes, plus size music stars are not frequent. And Adele is a real testimony that size is not what really matters in showbiz, and in life in general.


Just look at her:


Singer Adele on red carpet wearing tea-lenght pink and red dress with flower details

2013 Grammy Awards photo


Singer Adele wearing simple red coat

Photo: Madigan Heck for TIME


Singer Adele with half-updo wearing black dress

Photo: Lauren Dukoff



Smiling Singer Adele on red carpet wearing green gown

Adele at Grammys 2017. Photo: Steve Granitz WireImage in Billboard




Isn’t she gorgeus, isn‘t wonderful? She is so truly feminine, taking a bit after Marilyn Monroe perhaps – she knows how to emphasise her virtues through colour, selection of textiles, and types of dresses which fit her figure perfectly well.



Size is just a number


So does the size really matter when you are a fashion icon? Do we really need a diet when it is enough to accept ourrselves, wear well-tailored clothes which match our figure and be happy?

Sounds like a cliche or a good excuse not to exercise?

Well, decide for yourselves.



Doesn’t matter what size is Adele, when she know how to find right clothes


Today we would like to take those of you who are just like Adele – plus-size and have always accepted it, to shops in London which have all you look for.  After all, beauty is not a matter of size but of how we feel.


Although as we know Adele’s favourite fashion designers and brands are Burberry, Armani, Valentino, as well as Jenny Packham and Barbara Tfank, we would like to take you shops and boutiques in London which offer plus size clothes for every budget.


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If you look for a really wide range of clothes and matching accessories in a reasonable price and without too much fuss while in London, go to one of the biggest shops for fuller figures. Evans has been the plus size women’s fashion leader in the UK since opening in 1971 and what speaks of their experience – has 180 stores of plus size fashion so they really know what they offer to flatter curvy women. You can easily find one in Oxford Street.


Evans Oxford Street storefront and models wearing brand's clothes



If you look for something unique, however, start your tour in search for plus size clothes from Covent Garden. In Monmouth Street you will find Base Fashions boutique whose founder’s, Rushka Murganovic‘s, motto says – „Size does not matter, it is how you wear your clothes that is important.“ They offer everything: tops, jackets, dresses, trousers, designed to make you feel stylish, comfortable and individual. For the summer they offer light breathable and natural fabrics like silk, cotton and different kinds of linen all in bright summer colours reminding us of the ocean, beaches and the sun. You can find there timeless styles from well-known designers, as well as newcomers. Before you go to London, got to their website:


Base Fashions storefront and models wearing brand's clothes

Photo:  BASE Fashions, taken by K.Hughes



If you want a little walk, we suggest taking a route through St James‘ Park, passing the posh Ritz Hotel and the National Gallery, to get to Marina Rinaldi boutique in Arbemarle Street. This is an absolutely gorgous place where you can find designer clothes for plus size women. They have got clothes for different age groups so no matter how old you are you will find something for you, I am sure. Really worth going inside, you will love it.


Marina Rinaldi London store interior and model wearing brand's clothes

Photo: Fiera Contract Ltd.




If you look for lingerie, swimwear, sportswear or nightwear for fuller figures, go to Bravissimo on the junction of Margaret Street and Regent Street. They offer topnotch service of professional fitters and you can do your shopping in the real oasis of calm although the shop is located right in the middle of the most crowded and bustling shopping areas of London. What we like most about this place is their stylish fitting room area with lots of comfy chairs to sit on and magazines to read while you are waiting. You will love the shop!


Bravissimo storefront and model wearing brand's underwear

Photos: My Shopping Spy; Bravissimo



In New Cavendish Street you will find another unique shop for plus size women. Beige Plus can be found in a few London locations, but we prefer the one in New Cavendish Street. All of them, however, offer a really wide range of plus size clothes and you can choose a matching bag or a scarf or a pair of shoes while you are there. And their excellent shop assistants will help you decide if you can’t choose. Really worth visiting.


Beige Plus London storefront and interior - plus size fashion store

Photo: Beige Plus


If you are not only plus size but also tall, we honestly suggest visiting Long Tall Sally in Chiltern Street (we wrote about this neibourhood here).  The shop has a long tradition of selling clothes for tall and also plus size women. It opened in 1976 and they have been developing since then. It is a really good place to visit while in London. Besides their team speaks seven languages so you can count on a warm welcome in your own language. You will find everything there from tops through dresses to shoes in all sizes. Highly recommended.


Long Tall Sally storefront



And if you are not in search for anything unique but for reasonable prices and a wide range of products you can always go back to Oxford Street. There you can easily find shops like House of Fraser, Debenhams, H&M, Marks & Spencers, New Look, Next or Primark. They all offer plus size clothes, matching accessories and real bargains. And they share one important feature – they are all located within an easy walk, in one street.


No matter if you go for high street style or for something more sublime, well-hidden in small boutiques, you can be certain that the range of plus size clothes available in London is enormous. No wonder Adele looks so stunning at all the glamour events she attends. It is so much easier if you do your shopping in places like London. You just must try for yourself.


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