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Express Yourself – Paris Fashion Week SS19

By on 08/10/2018



Just a single Paris Fashion Week but worth writing a book about it!


I can’t believe it finished last week – emotions, impressions and inspirations are still with me.

It’s been a true spectacle of creativity – both on catwalks and sidewalks of Paris.


Bogumila Sobiczewska outside fashion show wearing black and white ruffled dress by Waleria Tokarzewska and over the knee black boots

Outside MiuMiu show, PFW day 9


What it taught me?


Self confidence is the shiniest of fashion accessories!

You can literally put on anything you  find on your bedroom floor (ok, maybe it’s an exaggeration) and march in front of photographers. If you enter as you own the place – you’ll get everybody’s attention and maybe – MAYBE – will be the next trendsetter. It’s like in art – artist just gives themself a freedom of composing out of their head. You can compose the true expression of who you are. #PFW street style shows it.


Saying that – don’t get too hyped when bunches of photographers hunt you – it can equally mean nothing and you won’t find your face or outfit on style-oriented websites. But I can assure you – it’s a thrill, so live the moment and enjoy this recognition – even if it promisses nothing. Everybody want to feel special from time to time and this is that moment.



Fashion faux-pas (or the opposite)


Forget what you’ve been taught about dress code and savoir-vivre. During Paris Fashion Week there are no rules. Express your mood, emotions, a taste for a certain designer or esthetics and go for it – it’s really hard to be overdressed here!


Check out some picks of the real life “no-no’s” and get inspired!



Extensive logommania



Photos: ImaxTree at





Too long sleeves


Fashion week guests wearing jackets with too long sleeves






Too large clothing, in general!


Fashion week guests wearing oversized suits






Biking pants!






Sandals and socks (yeah, Prada introduced them few years ago, but it’s still uncommon to see such combination on the streets)


fashion week guests wearing sandals and socks





Pants tucked into boots



fashion week guests wearing pants tucked into their boots





And now think of wearing fishnet tighs with over-the-knee boots 😱



male guest wearing fishnets, plaid mini skirt and high boots






It’s just a beginning of my Paris Fashion Week summaries. In the next post I’m going to reveal some tricks how to crash into major fashion shows WITHOUT invitation. Stay tuned!




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