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If you’re getting married – pick Paris!

By on 08/07/2016

There’s always a good time to get married, but it is no coincidence, that the wedding season traditionally lasts from Spring to early Fall.


The weather is usually nice, everybody enjoys a party and the blooming nature undoubtedly influences the hearts.

It would be crazy to encourage someone like: “Organize your wedding this season!”, as it takes a whole lot of work to plan this unique ceremony right. Actually arranging it a year ahead is a perfect solution. You’ll need to find and book the right place, think about the guest list, prepare invitations for them, choose the prefect wedding gown and suit, pick the food, order the catering, music and many, many more…



So, this Wedding Season is the best time to start your preparations for this most important day of the rest of your life! We’ve prepared some inspiration for you.

The most important thing at every wedding is, of course, the wedding gown. The search for the perfect one can be exhausting and often frustrating. So – why not search abroad, in Paris, Milan or New York instead?

This way you’ll surely get a unique, one-of-its-kind gown, everybody will remember for years.



  • Remember: it usually requires to book a fitting earlier, so I’ve provided all the necessary phone numbers and websites.



Today my search for a perfect wedding gown takes us to France – check out the best places to shopping before getting married in Paris!


1. If you’re a rebel bride, you’ll love the style of Harlow Market.


Harlow Market
4 Avenue Percier
+33(0) 658 380 400
[edit: closed]



2. Girls dreaming about a typical Parisian chic should check out Suzanne Erman.



Suzanne Ermann
7 place du Marché St. Catherine
+33 01 42 77 23 26


3. Rhum Rasins by Victoire Vermeulen loves to surprise with incorporating the latest trends (wide-leg pants and crop tops, for instance) into wedding fashion.





Rhum Raisins by Victoire Vermeulen
57 rue de Rivoli 1er etage
+33 06 13 06 44 46, 06 13 06 03 83 – 06 63 93 38 39


4. Marjolaine Chen creates romantic, light dresses with a dreamy laces.



Marjolaine Chen
41 rue Beaubourg

+33 01 42 77 26 04

[edit: closed]


5. Not everybody wants to be a princess. Laure de Sagazan is inspired by the fashion from the beginning of the past century.



Laure de Sagazan
102 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
+33 1 53 16 46 31


6. Check out Perry Ah Why, Laurent Kapelski, Marie Laporte and Nuit Blanche, if you’re looking for something eclectic and out of the ordinary.



Perry Ah Why
41bis, rue Condorcet
+33 (0) 1 42 55 03 31

Laurent Kapelski
16 Rue de la Chaussée d’Antin
+33 1 47 70 44 09

Marie Laporte
48 rue Lévis
+33 1 06 21 56 12 65

Nuit Blanche
400, rue Saint-Honoré
+33 01 42 60 50 53


7. If you really want a gown like no other – search no more! Bethsabée Beslon creates wedding gowns out of fresh flowers. Not particularly long-lasting, but more impressive than any other gown.



Bethsabée Beslon
7 rue de Poitou
+33 (0)642 973 606




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