Kate Middleton style – Shop Like the Duchess

By on 13/06/2017

Kate Middleton style – She is one of us


Everybody knows the Duchess of Cambridge – f.k.a. Kate Middleton. For some she is continuously a source of fashion inspiration, others call her style boring and conservative, but undoubtedly she made royal attire accessible to us, mortals.


Her wardrobe is collected and set up by fashion professionals (it’s Natasha Archer who stands behind those effortlessly polished looks), but if Catherine were shopping by herself, she could take you to the outposts of her favourite brands. ShopTrotter app would be a perfect tool to facilitate this shopping trip, just tap the boutique name or a designer you look for!


If you are one of those classic young ladies who love feminine silhouettes, perfectly proportioned heels and calm elegance – read on, ’cause I’m about to tell you where to find the right spots!

(Don’t worry – I’m not going to drag you through upscale boutiques with enormously expensive gowns that Kate wears to galas and red carpet events! It will be list of affordable boutiques).



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LK Bennett


The only luxury high street brand – as its founder Linda Bennett calls it herself. Renowned for signature kitten heels, it offers also an inexpensive range of elegant shoes and accessories, and women’s clothing. Princess Kate Middleton is a loyal fan of their classic nude pumps as you can see in the pictures below.




Beulah London


A strong, spirited, and socially significant fashion brand with a story and with a heart is a perfect match with the duchess. It not only delivers stylish attire but also supports sex trafficked women in the slums of Delhi. Just take a look at that Kate Middleton red dress with poppies!







This understated luxury brand started as a cashmere range for the fashion connoisseurs, and has since developed into a full ready-to-wear collection. Signature luxury knits have been complemented by equally recognizable separates, dresses, and outerwear. This truly British brand found a truly British ambassador. The Redgrave cream-colored coat became a hit!


Kate Middleton style



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Katherine Hooker


The Cyprus-born London designer is considered one of Kate’s go-to designers for formal occasions.  In the pic below you can see her wearing a tweed jacket ‘Alexander’ that has become a classic.  The Duchess has been spotted in a number of coats, dresses, and jackets from the label. No wonder why – Katherine Hooker is known for exquisite quality and meticulous design.






“A tightly edited wardrobe of classic pieces, the collection focuses on longevity and quality rather than flash-in-the-pan trends.” The Independent

Tops similar to the one worn by Catherine in the photos are priced from as low as 35 pounds. They are classic and well done, which makes them a lasting and investment-worthy shopping option.


royal family style





‘There is no question that Kate choosing to wear Reiss has impacted our brand,’ David Reiss, Founder and Managing Director of Reiss told Marie Claire UK. The Kate effect leads to an instant sell-out of any item she wears, and it happens also to the ‘Shola’ bandage dress, Kate was wearing at the meeting with Barak and Michele Obama in 2011.



Kate Middleton in white shirt



Keep in mind that ‘the Kate effect’ leads to an instant sell-out of any item she wears. This time you can be first – just shop at her favorite brands and wait. Maybe your purchase will become a next hit?



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