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Stylist Live – How To Spend Your Weekend And Money In London

By on 17/11/2017


Stylist Live event logo



Have you ever heard about the Stylist Live event in London?


Neither much had we, before we found the absolutely extraordinary fashion event at London Olympia last weekend. Actually, the weekend started on Friday, 10 November and lasted till November 12. We came to the event with a special goal in mind – to find designers and creators of refined original bespoke London jewellery at one place. And we succeeded. Today, we would like to take you for a walk amid semi-precious gems, gold, bronze and silver – everything in hard to meet elsewhere designs and shapes, away from the high street style and stores.



Stacked silver colour ring with semi precious rose stone



Out of a long list of exhibitors present at the event, we have selected those who, in our opinion, cater for all tastes and budgets. None of you would go empty-handed from the shopping spree, we can assure you. And it is crucial to know that many of the designers can only be met either by appointment or you need to know where their stockists in London are. So if you join the event next year, don’t miss an opportunity to buy the things you like from them.




beige fabric jewellery drwawer with earings necklaces and rings of gold



Alexi London


Alexi London is striving to be the go-to London jewellery brand for new, unique and semi-precious pieces. It is for those of us who love sleek and minimal jewellery for every occasion. The price range of their carefully curated pieces is between £15 – £115, so everyone will find something for themselves.




bold yellow gold rings with colorful stones

Amulette London Jewellery


Every part of Amulette’s award-winning range is designed and created by a designer Lisa Harris. Lisa’s jewellery has been designed to reflect each wearer’s unique personality and style. Her collections are worn by celebrities, artistocrats – the most precious items, and by all those casual customers who cherish design jewellery and unique look.



Where can you find Amoulette ?


You can buy her pieces in Suite B, 8 The Causeway, Teddington in Middlesex but you can look for her jewellery also at various craftsmanship and jewellery events like the Stylist Live one in London.




Anisha Parmar jewellery


Anisha Parmar London Jewellery


Anisha Parmar definitely creates handcrafted luxury jewellery for bold and confident women. So if you are one of them, you must have a piece from her collection. Anisha Parmar London is inspired by the melting pot of multi-cultural London. You can see that Anisha draws inspiration from eclectic influences which makes her jewellery absolutely unique. She has received good training at London College of Fashion and her pieces are said to be visibly London-styled. If you want to get the London look, wear what London does. You can start from Anisha’s jewellery.




yellow gold simple bracelet


Chalk London Jewellery


Chalk is a London-based design studio run by a designer, a maker and an architect in one. Malaika creates unusual geometric forms inspired by the Marocco culture and colours. It is definitely jewellery made out of passion. It is beautifully-crafted, each piece handmade by Malaika, very unique and at affordable prices. We suggest looking for Malaika’s pieces at craftsmanship and fashion events or contact her by appointment.



Chalk Jewellery colorful necklace


bold gold and silver ring with green stone

Charlotte’s Web London Jewellery


Now perhaps one of our favourite stuff. This is a designer whose pieces of jewellery makes you forget about the gloomy and rainy days in London or wherever you are. Founded in 2007 and now based in Ibiza, Charlotte’s Web Jewellery creates everyday luxury pieces for free spirits. Charlotte’s jewellery is absolutely captivationg, with a distinctive selection of the spinning collection, known throughout history for the calm and soothing effect it has. If you want to look unique and keep the holiday spirit within you at all times, you must have a piece of Charlotte’s Web Jewellery. And thorough their spinning nature, the pieces are to help you sooth down and calm your spirit and body. So if you are into meditation and mantra techniques, theses pieces are for you. And if you not, believe us, they look gorgeous on every one of us.



close up of woman's hand with stacked silver bracelets and rings



You can buy them in London at the Bunk boutique, 24 Bedford Hill London or The Dulwich Trader, 9-11 Crofted Rd, London.





composition of coloured stone pendant necklaces


Emily Mortimer London Jewellery


Again a must-have of every jewellery-lover. It goes without saying that the jewellery is designed by a self-confessed jewellery addict, namely a designer Emily Mortimer. Her jewellery is unique, fabulous, luxurious and versetile. Her pieces are made in both 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver and are set with a multitude of different colour semi-precious gemstones and diamonds. The moment you see them, is the moment you want to have them. India and love-inspired items are all you want to have. If you want to buy her jewellery, you should follow the calendar of events on her website of her fanpage on Facebook and see where she is available, but she has got a studio in London so if you make an appointment by e-mail with her, we are sure you will have a chance to buy your coveted items from her personally.


green and blue colour precious stone earings and rings


weomen's hand wearing golden big ring on a black head sculpture


Kasun London Jewellery


Absolutely gorgous and amazing. For bold and confident women who are not afraid to wear something that is just screaming. This definitely is high-end jewellery which as we have been told have won recognition among some celebrities like Ellie Goulding or Jourdan Dunn. It definitely is not a subtle type of jewellery which goes unnoticed. If you wear it, you make a statement and you will be seen. Each piece has been designed and individually crafted for its wearer, who Kasun says is someone ‘unafraid to push the boundaries and test the norm’.

Go and check out for yourselves at Wolf & Badger, 32 Dover Street in London or at Rachel Entwistle, 5A Club Row, London.


golden skull pendant necklace



blond braids model wearing geometric silver earings



Sally Lane London Jewellery


Last but not least, Sally Lane Jewellery. It was establiehed in 2015 for ambitious women who live their lives to the full and want their style and jewellery to reflect them. Once you wear the jewellery, you will fell confident and strong, yet elegant and feminine at the same time. Sally’s pieces are bold and women who wear her jewellery are not afraid of standing out of the crowd. The feminine traits in her pieces are to be a key to success rather than to emulate macho behaviours. Definitely jewellery for independent women.


And what does Sally say of her London jewellery?

It was important for me to create a collection that is classic, elegant and yet makes people look twice. Often jewellery that stands out is not appropriate for work and can look tacky…or it is in such a high price bracket that the investment is just too great to justify. The bold, elegant look is very much inspired by my love of both the French and Danish style; these designs will stand the test of time, and add a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit. I love how it can subtly give away a mischievous character underneath an otherwise professional and serious veneer. I always get double glances when I’m wearing my jewellery, so if you don’t like being looked at, this isn’t for you!




View of the Olympia London benue during Stylist event about London jewellery


Shall we meet next year in London?



The Stylist Live event is not just about jewellery though. You could meet there a wide array of British designers and craftsmen of all sorts and areas. Additionally, in between shopping, you could attend lots of lectures and workshops on fashion, style, femininity, business, wellness, success, diets, eating, blogging, creative writing and many more. It was a truly wonderful event for all fashion and not only fashion lovers. A well-spent time with equally minded people where you could learn new things, get to know inspirational people, new designers and new brands. We do recommend attending the event next year. It is an annual celebration of fashion and creativity; so do not miss it next year.





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