Hothouse Flowers

By on 14/06/2018




I remember that very cold day, back in February 2014. I was walking the 57th Street in New York, trying to hide from icy wind, when that cheerful, pastel window display caught my eye — it was Burberry boutique showcasing new Spring collection of everything lace-y, everything whimsical.






It enchanted me so I wanted to try everything on – right away. And imagine that price tags weren’t the toughest problem – the choice was. I needed to decide between pastel blue, light volet and pink. Thanks to stylish Susan Wong I ended up with right stuff in my shopping bag!












4 years later



It’s been a hot day. Only the end of May but the temperatures rised to 30ºC. Along with my instagram friend Karolina we picked Botanic Garden as our photo venue. Washed greens of Mexican cactuses in hothouses made an ideal background for my pink outfit. Do you agree?













The shell I’m wearing here is actually an undershirt. The proper top is made of lace (you can see the full ensemble when you scroll down), but it was way too warm to wear layers!










The outfit was accessorized with Gucci Bamboo Shopper Mini Blooms Bag I bought on sales two years ago, Chanel sandals, and jewelry: gold and semi-precious stones cuff I own since 2002 and minimalistic double chain in rose gold tone form Accessorize (sic!).







And here’s me wearing the full Burberry ensamble at Grand Prix Monaco, and pairing it with oversized white shirt by Phillip Lim,  in Paris, back in 2014.






lace skirt & camisole – @Burberry Prorsum 2014⠀
bamboo shopper mini blooms bag – @gucci 2016⠀
double chain rose gold necklace – @accessorize 2017⠀
gold and precious stone cuff – @wkruk1840 2001⠀
block heel sandals – @chanel 2013⠀


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