Excuse me – I’m investing!

By on 30/09/2016



The first thought?

The Stock Exchange. Charts. Paperwork. Lots of advisors and a CEO behind a well-polished desk, a Fendi Casa most certainly.

But did you think about that bag you’ve been dreaming of? You may have noticed the price of the Peekaboo Mini has gone up 50 Euro since June last year. A profit at 3000 Euro spent? Hardly any. The cult classic Chanel 2.55 cost the same in 2009. And how much is it worth today? Around 4900 Euro! An increase of 70% just over the last 6 years.




One of the most populat Fendi designs gets more expensive every year.


Outcome stated that investing in accessories with a CC logo might even be more profitable than in real estate. But there is profit to made not only in CC’s. We’d get twice as much for a Hermes Birkin. Of course if we had the patience – the wait time for a new bag is never ending. The value goes up by 14% each year (gold at less than 2%).

So dear ladies, it you haven’t got your bag yet, time is not on your side. Once again. If we had an extra two grand, we’d buy a Birkin at Fashionphile just like that. A preowned one of course. Neverfull Louis Vuitton, which can be bought on for less than 85% of the price, will soon join the group of the best bag investments.






Be a wise investor


Not all fashion houses have had as much luck joining the ranks. Mulberry’s attempt at raising prices resulted in losing clients.



Hermes iconin Birkin bag is considered as an investment as good as stock or real estate.


Fashion is nothing but whims?


As if! Only for the wives of CEOs? Perhaps. Unless we try to use some of the saving methods about which The Guardian wrote – saving on everyday habits, the so-called latte effect. Got a Starbucks coffee habit? It’s more than 1000 Euro a year. A 10 Euro take-out lunch during work? You’ll save 2400 Euro just by brown-bagging it. Weekly visits to the nail bar? 500 Euro minimum.






What do you really want? Those small pleasures or the bag of your dreams?




Guest post by Monika Szychlinska




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