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By on 10/06/2018

Sadly, ShopTrotter’s time has come to an end



Numerous troubles with unfair subcontractors forced me to shut down the app and the project I’ve been working on for many years. I do it with a heavy heart, as I still believe that shoppers deserve a comprehensive and intuitive tool to find fashion they need. Maybe one day I will resume ShopTrotter, and hopefully I’ll be able to protect it better from fraudulent cooperants. Hopefully I will be wiser while relaunching it, and just do that job better.


If you’d like to hear from me when the new shopping project is ready, please click here. And keep your fingers crossed!



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Bold Old


Today I’m starting a style blog to share my vision of fashion and trends – where I rather re-use what I already have (I wouldn’t call it ‘vintage’ but sometimes it’s pretty close) than impulsively shop for new stuff. Check out how I create new looks based on old clothing, shoes and accessories. And tell me if it looks fresh 😉

I called it Bold Old.

You can fallow what I do on Instagram and comment my newest #ootd



See you there!








I'm Bogusia - founder of ShopTrotter and Age_Concept Blog I kind of like fashion - meaning: I like to look good, but spending too much time shopping is something that makes me feel overwhelmed. Besides of that - I have a walk-in closet full of wonderful stuff that I use once in 1-2 years... I know, it's outreagous! So I decided to start the Instagram account and try to reuse pieces I own for a long time, without compromising on fashion and style. My new motto is to re-create and re-cycle, instead of buying new stuff over and over. Now I shop consciously - buying only the items that complement my other clothes.

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