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Christmas Gifts – Tips for Shoppers in London

By on 11/12/2017

young woman in holiday sweater laying under the christmas tree with presents around


Looking for Christmas gifts in London?

It is still a fortnight away, but the time is really flying and you may end up a few days before Christmas empty-handed, with no gifts for your family and friends. Are you already waking up in the middle of the night thinking – what to buy and where? Why not plan a Christmas present & shopping spree in London then? The UK capital city has been ranked as top Christmas present destination in the world, so do not hesitate! You will not regret it, I promise 😉  But you need to act quickly as the clock is ticking.

Decision made?

We have got some tips for you which cater for all budgets, from the limitless to the modest ones. With our ShopTrotter App, you will find your Christmas gifts in London easily and without fuss.



Diamonds, Diamonds, Precious Stones


Jewellery is always a good choice – for every woman. Whether you are buying a present for your wife, girlfriend or a friend, a nice piece of shining stones set in silver or gold is always an excellent choice.


If you are after unique, bespoke jewelry where price comes second, we suggest visiting an absolutely gorgeous boutique at 189 Fulham Road, Butler&Wilson. It’s extravagant, it’s off the top, it’s unique, it’s colorful. If you are looking for a gift for a person matching the jewelry, go for it. It is the best present you can buy for an independent, bold, extravagant wearer. And they have got everything: from earings, through rings, small cocktail bags, dresses, gowns, broches. Just everything – sparkling and beautiful. If you are lucky enough, you can meet the owner of the place and designer Simon Wilson who will help you choose the best matching pieces.


a clutch made of colorful crystals, an opulent pendant and star shaped drop earrings







If you are still hesitating whether jewelry is what you really look for, why not take a look at Baar & Bass boutique in 336 King’s Road.



Store interior with pink wall in background and rack full of clothing



It’s an exciting unique shop in London’s Chelsea. The boutique is a blend of fashion, lifestyle, and furniture for both men and women. Conceived by Maddie Chesterton, a young entrepreneur trained at St.Martins with a background in creative design, production and fashion events. Maddie’s personal sense of style and good taste is at the heart of Baar & Bass.


pictures showing black handbag, interior of the store with manequin




Again it’s a colorful boutique full of tasteful, unique accessories like bags and scarves, but they offer much more. Excellent service will help you round and give advice. They have got very nice looking pieces of gold jewelry with semi-precious stones, beautiful sequined tops, dresses, unique shoes, and whatnot. It’s in Chelsea so you will not find anything tacky and cheap, but it is going to be a really nice and precious present.




If you look for unique but small gifts like card-holders, notepads, candles, mugs or an excellent choice of vanity bags, you must visit Anthropologie in 131-141 King’s Road called. You will love it for its spacious venue, the smell of candles and Christmas trees.


store interior with racks of fauc fur scarves, silver pochettes and faux fur coats



And if a small gift is not enough, you can always go for their collection of elegant, unique pieces of clothing. Faux fur overcoats, which are so trendy this season. Colourful faux fur scarves, gloves or hats will look excellent if you match them with elegant silk dresses Anthropologie has on offer this season. They can be matched with nice looking shoes and stilettos.



store interior wuth colorful knits



Very much in the same genre, Jigsaw has a nice selection of gifts on offer this season. No matter if you are looking for a nice pair of gloves and a matching scarf, or a unique wallet or a jumper, you will find everything there. And if you know a person who is getting married, but you feel it is not the best idea in the world, you can go for a book ‘Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person’. It is never too late to change your mind.



 black book



Reasonable Budget Christmas gifts in London


If your budget is tighter, but you still look for some nice Christmas gift, Marks & Spencer is an option as they have got Christmas gifts ideas ready for you. A mug and a scarf for just £12.50 or a pajamas for £25? They have got one of the widest ranges of pajamas in the UK, so do not be shy and buy a British-looking present for your dad or brother.



store interior with tables and racks of clothing and gifts



And how about nice little white and red cushions with letters on them? It is Christmassy, it is personal and it looks good on every armchair or a sofa.





If you look for gifts in a reasonable price range, go to NEXT. This high street shop offers a wide selection of small and big gifts. Perfumes, chocolates, Christmas jumpers, lingerie. It is all there – packed and ready to be bought.



Next storefront and interior


A Taste of South America


If – again – you want to buy something really special, at a reasonable price, we recommend visiting Blaiz in 229 King’s Road. You will find there nicely manufactured bags, wallets, vanity bags – excellent choices every year. Additionally, the items are made in South America so they come with this special twist which makes them look intriguingly unBritish. Go for it, if this is what you would like to wear yourself as well.


store interior and window display



store interior with a bicycle, woven handbag and shoe shelves in pink



Luxury Christmas Shopping in London


If your budget allows you to go wide, head for HarrodsLiberty, Harvey Nichols or Selfridges. There you will find a really nice range of the best labels ever. You will love the big and luxurious department stores even if deep inside you prefer small and cozy boutiques. The magic of the big places is incomparable with anything else and when not to go wild if not at Christmas? Dolce & Gabbana, Hermés, Balenciaga, Dior, Louis Vuitton and just everything you can think of.


Harrods is definitely the top one in terms of prestige and atmosphere.


entrance door decorated withdreen branches with Christmas gifts in London





If you like a slightly different venue and different atmosphere, go to Liberty. The interior is adorable and the very smell of Christmas trees and flowers when you enter through a florist just by the entrance is just unforgettable. You must visit Liberty if you look for a special present for a special person at a very special place.



Liberty London storefront and mail floor with acce



Christmas gifts in London – outdoors


If nothing works for you, for many reasons: too many people in the shops, too high prices, too wide a range of items, or for any other reason, choose one of the many Christmas markets on offer in London at the moment. With mulled wine and good music around you, you will definitely find a very special gift for your loved ones. Need a help where to go? Go to one of our previous post (click here for more).



wooden jewellery stall at Christmas Market in London





And if during the shopping, you will spot some clothes or items the price of which far exceeds your budget, or you simply do not want to spoil this very moment of buying presents for someone else by buying a present for yourself, wait till after holidays when the Christmas sales start. You will be delighted.



Christmas market at Hyde Park London at night






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