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Chic Tots – 20 Best Kid’s Brands to Shop in France

By on 05/09/2016

If you’re a parent you’ve probably experienced before that feeling of frustration when September begins, everybody’s excited (hmmmm…) to start a new chapter at school, but unexpectedly the sleeves and legs of your kid’s pants seem to be … shrunk.


Don’t blame the washing mashine – our little ones are not little anymore and they definitely need new clothes.




The children clothing paradise

exists in Europe – it’s France. It used to be a surprise for me since I always thought “Parisian chic” relates only to adults! But the truth is – little French people learn how to be effortlesly stylish even before they do the first step. Because not only their moms and dads look great, but the way they are dressed – totally comfy but also according to new trends – is also impressive! Note that in France designers use way more colors and darker, “adult”, shades than only pastel pinks and blues.

If you’re very busy visiting Paris, Cannes or Nice (yes, there’s a lot to do!) stop at any department store – they carry a big numner of French clothing brands along with widely known names and high fashion for kids (Baby Dior, Gucci, Chloé, Stella McCartney, to name a few).

But if you’re ready for a stroll try our favorite French children’s wear – in all price ranges!

Below you’ll find our list of the most interesting French brands selling kid’s stuff in Paris, Cannes and Nice:








Du Pareil au Même

Clothing and shoes for kids from 0 to 14 years. All kinds of stuff your small ones need.



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Du Pareil au Même




Sergent Major

Playful clothing and beach wear for ages 0-14.



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Sergent Major




Okaidi / Obaibi

For children 0-14 and also moms-to-be. Affordable and pretty!



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Okaidi Obaibi





Nature inspired soft and comfy collections for boys and girls 0-14.








Besides of full line of clothing for whole family you can buy there accessories to create your girl’s customized dress! For ages 0-16. Prices $-$$












Fresh and breezy collections for babies and kids (0-12), great, French design and also selection of great quality shoes, head pieces, beachwear. Fantastic price to value ratio. Prices $-$$.








Natural, colorful, soft; for children from 0 to 12 years.








Idea of two moms became a succesful kidswear company. Good, versatile design, quality and two lines for babies and kids between 3 months and 18 years old.







Milk on the Rocks

Children’s wear inspired by pop-culture, travel, haute couture. Very original and comfortable, for 0-14 years old. Take a look at the shoe collection, it’s so funny!



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Milk on the Rocks





Kidswear without childish connotations – that’s the idea of the designer Mariu de Andreis. She created the brand that sells timeless designs for little ones and teaches them French laid-back elegance. 0-16 years old.








Dark shades look unexpectedly good on babies! You should try their black leather jackets, worn jeans and accessories, as scarfs and hats in unusual colors. Collections inspired by rock and roll for folks aged 2-12.







Pom d’Api

Stylish shoes of all kinds, in sizes 16-40 (European). Comfortable and safe for little feet.



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Pom d'Api




Antoine et Lili

This boutique sells women’s wear, kid’s wear, shoes, homewares and accessories, all in cheerful colors and patterns. Go there just to see this blaze of color!



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Antoine et Lili




Petit Bateau

Iconic French brand well known for its cotton knits and striped, marine-inspired patterns for children 0-14 years old. Sells also women’s wear and lingerie.



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Petit Bateau




Finger in the nose

Another fashion brand with an original approach to kids and youth clothing. A little edgy, but with great attention to a detail. For ages 2-16.



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Finger in the nose




Le Temps des Cerises + Japan R*gs

If your boy or girl wants to look more … serious, this is the brand you should look for! For 6-14 years old.



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Le Temps des Cerises





Most colorful, funny and creative clothing for babies and kids 0-14. Everything in unexpected sets that make your child stand out of crowd.












Upscale children’s wear in highest quality fabrics. Designed carefully to be both comfortable and sassy. Besides small sizes brand sells just beautifull women’s clothing.







Tartine et Chocolat

If you think of an elegant little miss Tartine et Chocolat comes to mind immediately. Wonderful color palette, impecable quality and timeless design make it worth the (high) price. For children from 0 to 12 years.



ShopTrotter_kidswear_France_Tartine et Chocolat




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