The Best Shopping Advice You’re Not Taking

By on 04/03/2018

I hate shopping, but I do like buying.



I know what I want and need so I go to the stores that carry it and out comes my card.

Shopping is complete.



research online buy offline



My daughter, on the other hand, looks at shopping as an Olympic sport and damn if she’s not getting a gold medal. She goes online to all her favorite sites, saves what interests her and then narrows it down to the potential winners. Then she goes to the mall and shops each store, trying on a multitude of things. Even if she loves something, she has to see the other stores in case she finds something better. When all her research is done, she then buys what she wants.

Of course I must come with her as I’m the only one she trusts to give her feedback.

Remember I hate shopping so this is a particular form of torture for me.



Hence my new belief: the capsule wardrobe.


In the 1970s, an owner of a London boutique, Susie Faux invented the concept capsule wardrobe to describe a minimal wardrobe composed of 30 to 40 high-quality, versatile items that will meet your needs for the season. I love it.


In the capsule group you include apparel, shoes, outerwear, and accessories. It doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new capsule group each season as you can take pieces forward from season to season. But, what it forces you to do is love each piece you own, buy better quality, and be creative in the outfits you put together. You will find yourself spending less time in the morning planning outfits. You will also save money from buying things you never wear.



dolce and gabbana beige lace pumps with embelishments



I once bought a $600 pair of Dolce and Gabbana pumps. They were fabulous and every time I wore them I looked fabulous. When you consider how many times I wore them it probably cost me 25 cents per wear so they ended up being economic. By buying fewer pieces, I graded up on quality and also made sure to get the items fitted.


Now I have a carefully curated wardrobe instead of a lot of inexpensive pieces and I no longer dread shopping. Now I’m just buying and I look fabulous.



Guest post by Maria Pesin – a senior apparel industry executive and the founder of Vibe, providing new and established brands with support in bringing fashion trends to market and growing their presence in the industry.






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Circular Fashion


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I'm Bogusia - founder of ShopTrotter and Age_Concept Blog I kind of like fashion - meaning: I like to look good, but spending too much time shopping is something that makes me feel overwhelmed. Besides of that - I have a walk-in closet full of wonderful stuff that I use once in 1-2 years... I know, it's outreagous! So I decided to start the Instagram account and try to reuse pieces I own for a long time, without compromising on fashion and style. My new motto is to re-create and re-cycle, instead of buying new stuff over and over. Now I shop consciously - buying only the items that complement my other clothes.

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